final thoughts

Affordable Housing Bond


  1. Measure A in 2016 ear marked $950M towards affordable homes
  2. $249,780,000.00 has been used so far for a projected 2,096 units to be completed by 2022* Approximately $119k/per unit
  3. 142 completed since 2016*

Possible efficiency enhancements


  1. Pre-fab homes- could save up to 30% of the costs of normal housing developments
  2. Manufactured homes- could be a quicker solution
  3. Relax regulations that prevent starting a development

Possible hurdles


  1. Land- regardless of the solutions, finding land to build these developments is the main obstacle
  2. Contractors unfamiliar with pre-fab home building
  3. Regulations

High speed rail


  1. Overbudget: $30B to $100B
  2. LA to SF in 3.5 hours; speeds up to 220 mph
  3. Price per ticket appx $100

Possible solution: Hyperloop


  1. Anticipated cost to build infrastructure from LA to SF $30B-50B
  2. LA to SF in under 1 hour; speeds up to 700 mph
  3. Price per ticket $25-50

Possible hurdles


  1. Regulations
  2. Contractors
  3. Future job loss of current rail industry



  1. Internal fees and expenses estimated range $40M-70M annually
  2. Investments have underperformed their benchmarks
  3. Too much risk in portfolios

Possible solutions: Passive vs. Active


  1. Passive style investments generally have lower fees and expenses. Savings can range $25M-40M annually
  2. May invest in the benchmark
  3. Can be more diversified in investment style and allocation  

Possible hurdles


  1. Contractual agreements with fund managers
  2. Liquidation of certain investments
  3. Switching investment firms